Tully's new work "Tapioca Strawberry Cafe Ole" and Bear Full Sleeve

Seasonal "Tapioca Strawberry Cafe au lait" is on sale from April 19th at each Tully's Coffee store. In addition, a cute "Bearful Sleeve" is also available.

"Tapioca Strawberry Cafe Ole" is a drink with two layers of strawberry milk and iced coffee using Tochiotome juice. The bottom contains the trendy tapioca. The price is 550 yen for tall size (tax included, same below).

Tully's new work "Tapioca Strawberry Cafe Ole"
Two layers of pink and brown

If you drink it as it is without mixing it, it has a rich strawberry milk flavor. A chewy tapioca can jump into your mouth from a thick straw. Very mellow with no acidity.

When the whole is mixed, it turns into cafe au lait. Bitter coffee is combined with the milky lower layer for a refreshing aftertaste. With just the right amount of sweetness, it's perfect when you want to take a break.

Tully's new work "Tapioca Strawberry Cafe Ole"
The color also changes

There are two types of "bear full sleeves" that are talked about every time: a "crown" with a mint blue bear covered with a crown and a "tiara" with a cute pastel pink bear covered with a tiara. It can be purchased as a set with the target drinks ("Tapioca Hojicha Latte", "& TEA Tapioca Royal Milk Tea", "Tapioca Strawberry Cafe Ole"). The price is the target drink + 350 yen. Up to 2 per person.

Tully's Bear Full Sleeve
Mofumofu feel

I bought "Tapioca Hojicha Latte" (tall size 550 yen) as a set with the crown sleeve. An exquisite combination of fragrant roasted green tea and mellow milk. It is a satisfying cup with a mellow scent that goes through your nose, a deep richness, and plenty of tapioca.

Tully's Coffee "Tapioca Hojicha Latte"
Definitely delicious

Please note that reservations and reserves for bare full sleeves are not accepted. Sales will end as soon as they are sold out, so if you want one, go to Tully's as soon as possible!