Suntory "Horoyoi [White Sour [Mango]]" and "Horoyoi [White Sour [Aloe]]"

From the Suntory Chu-Hi "Horoyoi" series, "Horoyoi [White Sour [Mango]]" and "Horoyoi [White Sour [Aloe]]" will be released on June 18th.

From the most popular "white sour" among the standard products, a limited flavor that is perfect for the beginning of summer will be available for a limited time. Alcohol content is 3%.

Mango is based on the taste of sweet and sour milky beverages, and you can enjoy the mellow fruit of mango. The landmark is a can with a limited logo that resembles the sun.

Aloe, on the other hand, is a flavor that combines the taste of sweet and sour milky beverages with the refreshing flavor of aloe. The can design expresses a fresh aloe based on white and green.

Both come in 350ml cans, and the estimated price is 141 yen (excluding tax).