Mister Donut's "Old Fashion" "Chocolate"
Renewal with a focus on deliciousness

Mister Donut's "Old Fashion Series" and "Chocolate Series" will be renewed on May 10th. In addition, the price of the same product has been revised.

The old fashion series has been improved to a moderately sweet dough that allows you to feel the "milk flavor" of eating donuts. Furthermore, the "crispy texture" has been improved, and it has been finished in an old fashion with a satisfying taste.

The chocolate series increases the proportion of chocolate contained in the dough. You can enjoy the rich taste like chocolate cake and the moist mouthfeel.

Mister Donut's "Old Fashion" "Chocolate"

Revised by 10 yen (excluding tax) from the current price. The price of each product is as follows (current price excluding tax → new price).

[Old fashion series]
・ Old fashion 100 yen → 110 yen ・ Chocolate fashion 120 yen → 130 yen ・ Old fashion honey 120 yen → 130 yen

[Chocolate series]
・ Chocolate 100 yen → 110 yen ・ Double chocolate 120 yen → 130 yen ・ Golden chocolate 120 yen → 130 yen ・ Coconut chocolate 120 yen → 130 yen