Chateraise's "Heisei Sweets"
Do you remember trendy sweets?

"Heisei Sweets" will be on sale from April 19th to April 30th at Chateraise. A lineup of 3 products.

・ Tiramisu [br /] The Italian dessert "Tiramisu" became popular with the casual "Itameshi" boom in 1990 (Heisei 2) in the latter half of the bubble economy. It is said that the boom was triggered by an information magazine for women in their 20s that featured tiramisu in the spring of the same year.

"Tiramisu Parfait" is a cake made from tiramisu in a parfait cup. Tiramisu cream, which is a combination of cream that melts in your mouth and mascarpone cheese from Hokkaido, is layered on a sponge with coffee syrup, and is finished with fresh cream and cocoa powder. The price is 330 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

Chateraise "Tiramisu Parfait"

・ Nata de coco, panna cotta, mango
In 1993 (Heisei 5), the traditional Filipino food "Nata de coco" became a big boom when it was incorporated into the menu of a major family restaurant chain. In 1994 (Heisei 6), "Panna Cotta" was a break as an Italian dessert following "Tiramisu". "Mango" established itself as a popular fruit in 2007 (Heisei 19) when the governor of Miyazaki Prefecture became an advertising tower and sold mangoes produced in the prefecture.

"Mango and Nata de Coco Panna Cotta" is a cake that matches the trends of Heisei and is finished like a parfait. Based on panna cotta using Hokkaido cream, mango pudding, mango syrup pickled, and nata de coco syrup pickled using Alfonso mango puree are combined. The price is 360 yen.

Chateraise "Mango and Nata de Coco Panna Cotta"

・ Caramel, salt sweets
"Raw caramel" developed by a dairy manufacturer in Monbetsu-gun, Hokkaido in 2006 was a big hit. In the same year, "salt sweets" became a trend, and "salt sweets" were selected in the 2007 (2007) hit product rankings by various media.

"Salt caramel dessert" is a cake that combines these two trends. The custard cream made from fresh eggs is combined with a bittersweet caramel sauce and finished with a salted caramel sauce that enhances the sweetness. The chocolate crunch with almond cookie crunch is an accent to the texture. The price is 330 yen.

Chateraise "Salt Caramel Dessert"