7-ELEVEN Premium "Mokotanmen Nakamoto Arctic Black"

From the popular 7-ELEVEN Premium product "Mokotanmen Nakamoto" series, a new product "Mokotanmen Nakamoto Arctic Black" will be released on February 23rd. Available at 7-ELEVEN & i Group stores such as 7-ELEVEN.

A cup ramen that reproduces the "Arctic Black" that was sold as a "limited-time menu" at the Mokotanmen Nakamoto store under the supervision of the owner. By adding charred garlic oil to the soup of "Arctic Ramen", which is popular as "Miso Ramen with extreme spiciness", you can enjoy a black soup with an impact on the appearance and a spicy taste.

Due to the limited quantity, it will end as soon as it runs out. The price is 213 yen (tax included).