Chicken Ramen "Three-meal pack with ingredients Akuma's Kimler MADMAX"

From the NISSIN FOODS "Chicken Ramen" series, "3 meal pack with ingredients Akuma's Kimra MADMAX" will be released on March 4th. The estimated price is 408 yen (excluding tax).

This is an instant ramen tailored to "8 times the spiciness" of the previously released "3 meal pack Akuma Kimra with chicken ramen ingredients". It was developed in response to the voice of those who ate the previous work, "I want to challenge a more spicy Kimler."

The soup is a roasted soy sauce-flavored "original chicken glass soup" that uses 100% domestic chicken. The ingredients are kimchi, leeks, and chili peppers. In addition, the umami of kimchi and the rich flavor of sesame oil are retained, but "special oil" is added to increase the spiciness by adding chili pepper to the ingredients. It is said that it is a spicy dish that is just right for the name of "MADMAX".