Instant noodle "Chicken Ramen"

Japan's largest ranking information site "goo ranking" that ranks all "things" in the world investigates "Which is the best instant noodle series?" With the theme of instant noodles. I made a ranking. (Survey period: March 20, 2020-April 3, 2020)

3rd place chicken ramen
In 3rd place was "Chicken Ramen," whose drama model was the episode of the product's birth. Known as the world's first instant noodles, "Chicken Ramen" went on sale in 1958. Since then, it has been loved by people all over the world for its unchanging taste. It is new to remember that the drama "Manpuku" (NHK) modeled by the founders of Nissin Foods, which developed "Chicken Ramen" in 2018, was broadcast, but at that time it was so popular that it recorded the highest sales ever. Has rekindled.

2nd place Umaka-chan
Following in second place was "Umaka-chan," who was particular about the tonkotsu flavor of Kyushu. The name "Umaka-chan" is derived from "Umaka" which means "very delicious" in Hakata dialect. Since its launch in 1979, it has been loved mainly in Kyushu, but the reason for product development was that employees who like tonkotsu flavor did not eat soy sauce-flavored in-house ramen at the Fukuoka factory of house foods. Or something.

1st place Sapporo Ichiban
The first place is the familiar "Sapporo Ichiban" with the phrase "Sapporo Ichiban ♪" in the commercial! "Sapporo Ichiban" has been loved by a wide range of people since the release of "Soy Sauce Flavor" in 1966. Since then, the standard "Miso Ramen" and "Shio Ramen" have been added with "Sesame Flavored Ramen" and "Tonkotsu", making the lineup of 7 types (as of May 8, 2020).

goo ranking "The best! Instant bag noodle series ranking"

One of the features of instant noodles is the ease of arrangement. " Sapporo Ichiban " and " Chicken Ramen " have actually eaten arrangement recipes even if they have eaten in the past. At this time of year when self-catering is increasing, you can enjoy the delicious taste of bag noodles that is different from usual with the arrangement recipe.