Suntory "White Peach Yogurina & Suntory Tennensui in the Southern Alps"

From the Suntory "Yogrina" brand, the popular flavor "White Peach" is now available. It will be released on February 19th as "White Peach Yogurina & Suntory Tennensui in the Southern Alps". It comes in a 550ml (18.6us fl oz) PET bottle, and the estimated price is 131 yen (excluding tax).

Yogurina & Suntory Tennensui is a flavored water that you can enjoy the taste of yogurt even though it is transparent. It appeared in 2015 and became a hot topic.

Following on from last year's "Okudaiyama Blueberry Yogurina & Suntory Tennensui" and "Aloe Yogurina & Suntory Tennensui", this new product is finished with the addition of white peach extract from a designated farm in the Southern Alps area. You can enjoy the richness of yogurt using milk-derived "whey" and the fresh taste of white peach.