Let's know the new charm

Takarajimasha will release the brand book "STARBUCKS OFFICIAL BOOK" edited and cooperated by Starbucks on February 19th. The price is 920 yen (excluding tax).

A Starbucks official brand book that will be released for the first time in 12 years. A specially designed Starbucks card is included as a special appendix.

Cool design

Under the theme of "Looking for my Starbucks" in the magazine, we will dig deep into Starbucks stores with unique architectural designs and "Starbucks Reserve Bar" where you can enjoy rare coffee. The back side of coffee procurement, which is the core of Starbucks, is also introduced.

Available at bookstores, online bookstores, some convenience stores, Treasure Island Channel, and Starbucks online stores nationwide. Not sold at Starbucks stores.