Bath salt "Chupa Chups bath powder"
It looks good as a gift!

Kiyo Insect Chrysanthemum will release three types of bath salts "Chupa Chups Bath Powder" on November 1st. The estimated price is 240 yen each (excluding tax).

This is a powder-type bath salt with the image of the sweetness, freshness, and pop cuteness of "Chupa Chups." There are three types of scents: "Strawberry cream soda scent", "Melon cream soda scent", and "Orange cream soda scent".

Bath salt "Chupa Chups bath powder"

When you put it in the hot water of the bathtub, the sweet and creamy scent like real cream soda spreads throughout the bath. It contains a generous amount of 60g (2.12oz) in a single package, and the scent lasts for the entire duration of the bath.

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