Polinky" and "Scone" bath balls featuring Polinky Scone

Polinky and Sc

one Bath Balls featuring Polinky and Scone Bath Balls Polinky Bath Balls and Scone Bath Balls, bath cosmetics featuring the long-selling corn snacks Polinky and Scone, have been launched as a collaboration between Lake Ikeiya and DOSHISHA. 2023 Available at mass merchandisers nationwide from late January, 2010, the products are 60g (2.12oz) per serving, each sold separately, and both priced at 550 yen (tax included).

Polinky and Scone are two of KOIKEYA's leading corn snack brands. Polinky and Scone are long-selling corn snacks that will celebrate their 33rd and 36th anniversaries, respectively, in 2023, and many people may remember the memorable commercial phrases from the time of their launch. This time, these two flavors were prepared as the second round due to the popularity of "Karamucho Bath Ball" released by DOSHISHA in November 2022.


Bath Ball

s The scent of the "Polinky Bath Balls" bath salts is based on the commercial phrase "I won't tell you! Jean♪", the scent of the Polinky Bath Ball bath salts is a "secret scent" in reference to the commercial's phrase "I won't tell you! The company asks customers to try to guess what the scent is by actually using the product. The answer is secretly written on the back of the package.

Scone Bath


The scent of the "Scone Bath Ball" bath additive is a rose scent, reminiscent of the red packaging, and fits the image of the elegant and unique scone dance to the phrase "scone scone scone KOIKEYA scone♪" that became popular again in the remake commercial for the product renewal in 2022. It fits perfectly with the image of the product.


mascot included

When the bath salts melt, one small mascot of the "Polinky" and "Scorn" candy packages or characters, respectively, is randomly released from inside. The mascot makes a slightly realistic sound when shaken, and you can attach your favorite parts, such as a ball chain or strap, to the hole in the top.

Enjoy your daily bath time while collecting these cute little mascots. Please note that the bath balls are not edible. Ball chain and strap are not included.