7-ELEVEN, target warm soba, udon, ramen 50 yen discount
Great deals on 7-Eleven's warm noodles!

At each 7-ELEVEN store, a sale will be held from October 18th to 24th with a 50 yen discount on the target hot soba, udon, and ramen.

For warm noodles with a "■" mark on the product label. Yakisoba, yaki udon, spaghetti, normal temperature noodles (cup noodles, etc.), bag noodles, frozen noodles, and pasta salad are not eligible.

It's a season when the temperature drops a lot and you want to eat warm food for lunch or a midnight snack. Even if you combine it with bread or rice balls, it is more profitable than usual. Get your favorite noodles in the target 7 days.