Calbee "Frugra Beans and Sasatsu Kuromitsu Kinako Flavor"
The perfect taste for the coming season

From the cereal brand "Frugra", "Frugra beans and satsu black honey kinako flavor" will be released on October 8th. For a limited time. With 700g (24.69oz), the estimated price is around 1,000 yen (tax included).

This is Frugra made from autumn and winter ingredients such as black beans and sweet potatoes. While taking advantage of the deliciousness of the "fragrant black soybeans" of the "Frugra black soybean kinako flavor" released in the past, the "sweet potato" and "pumpkin seeds" that were selected as the top in the Frugra topping survey that you want to eat in the fall and winter have been added. There is.

Granola, which uses five types of grains, is added with black honey that enhances the taste of kinako, and the rich and elegant sweetness and aroma are exquisite, and it is finished in a taste for adults.