KALDI "Herbal Mix Pistachio" "Almond & Grilled Cheese" "Mixed Nut Cheese & Crouton"

Here are three recommended nuts from KALDI's original. All are perfect for snacks.

◆ Herb mix pistachio
Pistachio seasoned with rosemary, oregano and thyme. The price is 270 yen (tax included, same below).

A refreshing flavor that follows the richness of pistachio. The refreshing scent of rosemary goes through your nose. You should be addicted to the slightly addictive flavor of herbs.

KALDI "Herbal Mix Pistachio"
I want to match it with wine

◆ Almond & baked cheese
A mixture of baked cheese and almonds baked by our own manufacturing method. The price is 298 yen.

The crispy baked cheese has a flavor like cheese cod. The mellow taste and richness spread. Excellent compatibility with fragrant almonds. By all means with beer.

KALDI "Almond & Grilled Cheese"
Exquisite saltiness

◆ Mixed nuts cheese & croutons
A mix of almonds, cashew nuts with black pepper, freeze-dried cheese, and cheese-flavored croutons. The price is 216 yen.

Freeze-dried cheese is crunchy at first and has a unique texture that melts in the mouth with Schwann. Combined with croutons, it is filled with a rich cheese flavor. After the fragrant nuts, black pepper is tingling. You probably can't eat this forever.

KALDI "Mixed Nut Cheese & Crouton"
I can't stop my hands

Three products that will surely make you addicted when you start eating. Would you like to accompany your evening drink?