Seijo Ishii's "Chia Seed Pomegranate MIX"
I bought it in anticipation of sourness

I often buy coffee so that I don't get sleepy at work, but recently I've been worried about drinking too much. Sometimes I found "Chia Seed Pomegranate MIX" by looking at the drink corner of Seijo Ishii in front of the station to make it different.

Pomegranate is a beautiful red mountain fruit. I used to eat it at my relatives' house when I was little, but I remember it was very sour. I picked it up to wake up. The over-the-counter POP says "popular product", so you can expect the taste.

Immediately trying to make a hole with a straw, I find that the inner lid says "Shake well before opening and drink." Speaking of which, if you try hard to shake it with chia seeds, it feels a little firmer than ordinary juice.

Seijo Ishii's "Chia Seed Pomegranate MIX"
I shook it after this

When I put it in a glass to see what's inside, it looks like strawberry jam and is cute.

Seijo Ishii's "Chia Seed Pomegranate MIX"
Looks like a free-flowing strawberry jam

Including a bite, I don't feel the acidity I was prepared for. The sweetness is moderate and the whole is refreshing. The habit is not as strong as the pomegranate in my memory. However, the flavor of the nostalgic mountain fruits is decent.

Due to the generous amount of chia seeds, it has a fluffy feel, giving the impression that it is more of a "food" than a "drink." If you dry it in a breath, you may feel hungry, so it seems better to take a little drink.

If you include the second bite, you will be more aware of the acidity than the first bite. After all it seems to wake up. Notice the taste other than pomegranate. Looking at the ingredient list, it says that it also contains apples, grapes, and grapefruit.

When you drink the third and fourth mouths, you will feel the acidity of the fruit. On the other hand, as expected, I'm getting hungry. It seems to be useful for both drowsiness and hunger. Considering the timing of drinking, it may be better to have a time between breakfast and lunch, or between lunch and dinner. The calorie is 158 kcal, and the price is 199 yen (excluding tax).