Lawson "Fruit In Tea"
It seems that 2 weeks' worth was sold in 2 days

The "Fruit In Tea " released on July 3rd at each Lawson store was oversold, so it was temporarily discontinued. I'm sorry to introduce the deliciousness of the food even if I eat it.

The quantity (400,000 pieces) originally planned for two weeks has been shipped in just two days. At the moment, the inventory is only the amount delivered to each store, and it seems that some stores are already out of stock. There are some voices on the internet saying "I can't buy it" ...

But don't be disappointed! Fruit in tea will be available again on July 31st. According to Lawson, "We are currently making every effort," so let's hope to see you again at the end of the month!

Lawson "Fruit In Tea"
Wait for a while