Nissin York "Counterattack! Gachi sour lemon"
Is it sour this time?

From Nissin York, a lemon-flavored soft drink "Counterattack! Gachi Sour Lemon" that you can enjoy "the strongest demon sourness in history" has appeared. It will be sold nationwide from July 10th except Okinawa.

"Gachi Sour Lemon" is the company's strongest sourness and appeared in June 2017. However, on SNS etc., there were many disappointing voices about "sourness" such as "not sour as it is".

Furthermore, in April 2018, the product with enhanced lemon flavor was relaunched. However, there were many indications that "there was not enough sourness".

Therefore, this time, "Counterattack! Gachi Sour Lemon" with doubled acidity has appeared. It seems that you can enjoy the "strongest demon sourness" finished with the highest acidity in the history of the company. Contains lemon juice and contains vitamin C equivalent to 50 lemons.

It comes in a 500ml (16.91us fl oz) paper pack, and the estimated price is 100 yen (excluding tax). Will you be able to experience the sourness you expected this time?