Tully's Coffee "Espresso Shake"

Seasonal "espresso shake" of Tully's coffee. A frozen drink using espresso carefully extracted by the barista. The price starts from 560 yen for short size (tax included).

It features a smooth mouthfeel and a rich taste of espresso. It's delicious as it is, but you can customize it to your liking. I tried 3 customs.

◆ Topped with T's ice cream (+130 yen)
"T's cookie & cream", which is vanilla-based ice cream with cocoa cookies added, goes well with a fragrant shake. The mellow taste spreads throughout your mouth. It is also a good impression that it does not become sweet due to the slight bitterness of espresso.

Tully's Coffee "Espresso Shake"
You can also have them shake together

You can scoop the ice cream with a spoon and eat it, or mix it with a shake. When the ice cream melts, it changes to a more mellow and smooth mouthfeel. The fragrant cocoa cookie is a good accent. A rich cup that you can enjoy like a dessert.

Tully's Coffee "Espresso Shake"
Rich in flavor

◆ Add espresso (+50 yen)
Espresso is added for a sharper taste. A clean finish with sweetness. Deep richness and pleasant bitterness leave a lingering finish. I am glad that the bitter taste is good at the break time on a hot day!

Tully's Coffee "Espresso Shake"
You can enjoy espresso

◆ Add hazelnut syrup (+60 yen)
The aroma of nuts and espresso is exquisitely linked. The creamy mouthfeel and sweet scent will heal you. Recommended when you want to enjoy both the richness of espresso and the mellow sweetness.

Tully's Coffee "Espresso Shake"
Sweet and fragrant

Three custom "espresso shakes" that you can enjoy a richer flavor. You can also do matching techniques, so try various things in search of your favorite cup!