McDonald's "Spicy Chicken McNugget"

At each McDonald's store (excluding some stores), the first ever "Chicken Mac Nugget" new product "Spicy Chicken Mac Nugget" is on sale. For a limited time. It comes in 5 pieces and costs 200 yen (tax included).

This is a nugget with a bright red color and stimulating spiciness. You can enjoy the spiciness of chili peppers and the umami of garlic and onions. This is a new taste that has appeared for the first time since the chicken mac nugget was released in 1984.

McDonald's new work "Spicy Chicken McNugget"
Spicy chicken mac nugget

Unlike the usual nuggets, the brightly colored spicy chicken mac nuggets. The back of the lid says "Be careful not to be KO'd by the spiciness!" … Is it so spicy?

McDonald's new work "Spicy Chicken McNugget"
How spicy !?

If you try eating one, that? Isn't it so hot? It is a taste that you can enjoy a little spicy flavor. However, if you chew for a while, the tingling spiciness will increase. When swallowed, a tingling sensation that gradually spreads to the back of the throat. Was it the type of spiciness that came later!

McDonald's new work "Spicy Chicken McNugget"
The spiciness is slowly coming

McDonald's new work "Spicy Chicken McNugget"
The surface is crispy and nice

If you enjoy the spiciness as it is, you can eat it in combination with the new sauce for spicy chicken mac nuggets. There are two types of sauce, "spicy sauce" and "sour cream onion sauce".

Two new McDonald's sauces
"Spicy sauce" and "sour cream onion sauce"

The spicy sauce has a more spicy finish than expected. A tingling sensation remains in the mouth for a while, both while chewing and after swallowing. This is recommended for those who like spicy foods!

McDonald's new sauce "Spicy sauce"
Firmly spicy!

The sour cream onion sauce has a mellow and rich finish. You can enjoy the spiciness of the nugget and the richness of the sauce in a well-balanced manner. It looks delicious even if you put it on potatoes!

McDonald's new sauce "sour cream onion sauce"
It is mellow and rich!

McDonald's "Spicy Chicken McNugget" that you can enjoy as a snack for sake. For a limited time, if you are interested, please do so as soon as possible ♪