Tully's Coffee "Ramune Blue Frozen -Mt. FUJI-"
It's like Mt. Fuji

The "Mt. Fuji CAFE -Tully's TO GO !!-" campaign will start on July 2nd at Tully's Coffee stores in Shizuoka and Yamanashi prefectures and some stores in Kanagawa prefecture. Area limited products will be sold.

"Ramune Blue Frozen -Mt. FUJI-" is a refreshing and nostalgic ramune flavored frozen drink topped with shaved ice that looks like Mt. Fuji. The texture of pineapple jelly is an accent. The price is 690 yen for tall size (tax included, same below).

When you purchase Ramune Blue Frozen, you will receive a limited number of straw flags. It will end as soon as it runs out.

"Gotemba Kogen Wiener and Grilled Vegetables" (420 yen), "Shizuoka Tanna Vanilla" (waffle cone 320 yen) using milk from Tanna district in Shizuoka prefecture and eggs from Kurofuji farm in Yamanashi prefecture, pickled in white wine We also have a lineup of "Green Teak Gugelhupf" (350 yen) with orange peel. In addition, "Mt. Fuji area limited blend" (1,200 yen / 200g (7.05oz)) will also be on sale.

Tully's Coffee "Gotemba Kogen Wiener and Grilled Vegetables"
Gotemba Kogen Wiener and Grilled Vegetables

Tully's Coffee "Green Tea Gugelhupf" "Shizuoka Tanna Vanilla"
Green tea gugelhupf topped with Tanna Shizuoka vanilla

Fashionable goods are also available. "Mt. Fuji area limited tumbler" (1,540 yen), "Tully's mini teddy (FUJI & SEA)" (580 yen), "Mt. Fuji area limited Kasama mug (swelling hat / one hat)" (2,300 each) Yen) etc. will be sold.

Tully's Coffee "Mt. Fuji Area Limited Tumbler" "Tully's Mini Teddy (FUJI & SEA)"
I want to collect