Harajuku "Animal Ice Cream" Animal Ice Cream "Panda"

"Dobutsuen", which opened about a 10-minute walk from the Takeshita exit of JR Harajuku Station, is a shop where you can enjoy ice cream with cute animal motifs for 500 yen (tax included). I actually went to eat ice cream that looks great on SNS ♪

"Dobutsuen" is right next to "Harajuku Electrical Chamber of Commerce", a store specializing in "bulb soda". Various animal ice creams are lined up at the window that looks like a vending machine.

Exterior of "Bulb Soda" specialty store "Harajuku Electrical Chamber of Commerce" and "Dobutsuen"
Look for the big light bulb soda sign

Harajuku "Animal Ice Cream" Animal Ice Menu
Which one should I choose?

A window that imitates a vending machine in Harajuku "Dobutsuen"
Cute ~

I ordered the ice cream that I was interested in from the staff's older sister on the other side of the curtain! As a result of my worries, I chose "Panda", which has a cookie and cream flavor.

Harajuku "Dobutsuen" Animal Ice "Panda"
Cookies & cream flavors

Cookies on the ears and nose, chocolate on the eyes and cheeks. There is quite a volume. The chocolate chips with plenty of it have a crunchy texture and are delicious!

Harajuku "Dobutsuen" Animal Ice "Panda"
Cool, sweet

This is cute I want to post on SNS ♪ However, this ice cream melts at a great speed ! "Where should I shoot in the background?" While I was wandering around, my hand holding the cone was covered with ice cream. The advice from the author that both hands are sticky is to decide the shooting point before purchasing ! Also, hand towels do not come with you, so it may be safe to bring them with you.

Harajuku "Dobutsuen" Animal Ice "Panda"
It melts ...

However, I'm glad that you can eat hearty and photogenic sweets with one coin! Please go to Harajuku's small "Dobutsuen", which is kind to students' wallets.

Harajuku "Dobutsuen" Animal Ice "Panda"
Come to eat ~

■ Animal Address: 3-20-7 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo