Oreo mint cream

From the long-selling biscuit brand "Oreo", a refreshing "Oreo mint cream" perfect for the spring and summer season will be released on April 6th. Available at supermarkets, convenience stores, drug stores, etc. nationwide.

"Oreo mint cream" is the first "mint flavor" in the original series. A refreshing mint cream is sandwiched between cocoa cookies with a crunchy texture.

The mint cream is based on the recipe of "Oreo Crispy Mint Ice ", which was released seasonally in March 2019 and was very popular, and the mint feeling is further improved in response to the voices of chocolate mint fans. Arranged to match the rich cocoa-flavored Oreo cookie, the flavor is finished with a firm "chocolate mint" feel.

The refreshing mint cream goes great with cold coffee and milk. You can enjoy not only the "Twist, Lick, Dunk" way of eating, where you remove the cookies and taste the cream and then dip it in milk, but also you can enjoy it in various ways such as crushing it and topping it on ice cream or cake.