Oyatsu Company "Baby Star Ramen Maru (Passionate Spicy Chicken Flavor)"
Baby Star Ramen Maru with a delicious spicy taste

Oyatsu Company will sell "Baby Star Ramen Maru (Passionate Spicy Chicken Flavor)" in collaboration with "Fanta Passion Orange " for a limited time from September 11th.

Baby Star Ramen Maru is a bite-sized snack made from baby star ramen noodles that are hardened into a bite shape. The new product introduced this time was developed with the concept of enjoying with Fanta's limited-time flavor "Passion Orange" released on September 11.

Coca-Cola System "Fanta Passion Orange"
Fanta Passion Orange

Fanta, which is characterized by the fruity aroma and bittersweet taste of blood oranges, is finished with a “spicy taste” by adding red pepper to the classic fried chicken flavor to match the passionate oranges. The appearance is also based on the image of Fanta's passionate orange, with a color that emphasizes "passionate red".

It contains 59g (2.08oz) and the estimated price is 130 yen (excluding tax).