Katsuo-bushi potato chips
Japanese potato chips

Potato chips with various flavors. What taste do you like?

I like simple salty taste, but I found "Katsuobushi potato chips from Yaizu" at a certain store in Tokyo. What a "dedicated bonito flakes" is attached separately. I'm curious about this ... so I ate it right away.

Katsuo-bushi potato chips
Package with impressive black

This is a special Japanese-style dashi-flavored potato chip. It is sold by "Shinmaru Tadashi", a dried bonito shop in Yaizu, Shizuoka prefecture, which is the production center of dried bonito. The purchase price is 432 yen (tax included).

Katsuo-bushi potato chips
Dedicated dried bonito

"Please sprinkle the attached bonito flakes, shake and enjoy." First of all, if you try to eat it as it is to check the taste of potato chips ... It's already really delicious! Katsuobushi extract powder and powdered soy sauce are used, and the taste of the dashi stock gradually spreads on the tongue. A taste with just the right amount of saltiness.

Katsuo-bushi potato chips
It's enough as it is

Katsuo-bushi potato chips
IN Katsuobushi

Add bonito flakes to double the flavor! The Japanese-style dashi flavor of potato chips and the aroma of dried bonito are exquisitely linked. The rich scent fills your mouth.

Katsuo-bushi potato chips
For snacks and snacks ◎

The topping bonito flakes are made by burning firewood in a direct-fired drying cabinet called "quick brewing" and slowly drying it. The fragrant dried bonito flakes bring out the flavor of potatoes. It is also a point that the refreshing taste moderately reduces the oiliness of potato chips. It is the deliciousness of "inevitable eating at once".

Katsuo-bushi potato chips package
It's made carefully

Katsuobushi potato chips that you can fully enjoy the deliciousness of Japanese food. Recommended when you want to eat potato chips that are a bit different from usual.