Lotte Ice "SWEETS SQUARE Tiramisu Ice Bar with a bittersweet mascarpone"
"A little premium" ice cream

From the Lotte Ice "SWEETS SQUARE" series, "Tiramisu Ice Bar with a bittersweet mascarpone" and "Ice Sandwich with Moist and Rich Baked Chocolat" will be released on September 11th. The estimated price is 160 yen each (excluding tax).

The bittersweet mascarpone tiramisu ice bar is a "hybrid sweet" that combines tiramisu and ice cream. Smooth mascarpone ice cream and espresso sauce that is thick even under freezing are combined. It seems that "tiramisu with an adult taste" is expressed.

The moist and rich baked chocolate ice sandwich is a "hybrid sweet" that is a combination of baked chocolate and ice cream. Chocolate dough with almond crunch, sandwiched with rich ice cream. They are particular about the moist and soft texture and flavor so that you can enjoy the delicious taste of authentic baked goods even under freezing.

Lotte Ice "SWEETS SQUARE Moist and Rich Baked Chocolat Ice Sandwich"
Sandwich with moist dough