7-ELEVEN "Burrito Bacon & Compota Cheese"
Burrito with the image of "corn potage"

New products from the "Burrito" series, "Bacon & Compota Cheese," will be on sale from August 29th at 7-ELEVEN stores. The price is 230 yen (tax included).

7-ELEVEN Burrito is a long-selling product that can be warmed and eaten with one hand, perfect for the chilly season. This new work is a burrito with the image of a creamy "corn potage" taste.

It seems that cheese is a combination of Gouda, which is characterized by its rich richness and umami, and mozzarella, which has a melting texture. You can enjoy the salty taste of sweet and textured corn and bacon, and the richness of cheese.

As a future lineup, "Burrito Tacos Meat" (230 yen including tax) and "Burrito W Wiener & Bolognese" (240 yen including tax) will be released on September 12, respectively. Both the spicy burrito using the classic Mexican food "taco sauce" and the burrito using the classic pasta sauce "Bolognese" seem to be delicious.