A new sandwich menu, "Feast Tartar Fish Sandwich," will be released on December 26th at each Kentucky Friedo Chicken (KFC) store. The price is 390 yen.

Fried fish with plenty of tartar sauce
Fried fish with plenty of tartar sauce

This menu is a ciabatta-style bun with sliced onions combined with KFC's popular side menu "fried fish" using walleye pollock, and "a lot of ingredients" tartar sauce with eggs, pickles, and onions on top and bottom. What was sandwiched.

The light flavor of white fish is combined with the refreshing and mellow taste of the "special" tartar sauce developed for this menu, and you can enjoy the exquisite harmony.

In addition, as a set menu, "Fish Sandwich Set" (650 yen) with 1 French fries (S) and 1 drink (M), 1 piece of original chicken, 1 French fries (S), drink (M) The "Fish Sandwich ONEBOX" (880 yen) with one will also be on sale.

* All listed prices include tax