Bell Japon "Select for Bell Cube Cheese Lovers"
Assorted by "cheese lovers"

Bell Japon will release a new product in the bite-sized cheese cube "Bell Cube" series, "Select for Cheese Lovers," on July 10.

This is an assortment of the top three flavors selected by cheese lovers. Appetizing "fragrant Emmental cheese flavor" (1st place), creamy and mild taste "plain" (2nd place), refreshing acidity and richness of milk "with cheddar cheese" (3rd place) is assorted.

Contains 8 cubes for each flavor, for a total of 24 cubes. The estimated price is 498 yen (excluding tax).

Bell Japon "Select for Bell Cube Cheese Lovers"
From the left, plain, Emmental cheese, cheddar cheese

Bell Cube is a cheese cube that was born in France in 1960 and has been loved for over 50 years. You can enjoy the "authentic taste" of using popular cheeses such as cheddar and gouda and kneading vegetables and spices.

Introduced in 1983 in Japan. Currently, from dozens of flavors in France, the ones that suit the tastes of Japanese people are selected and sold.

Bell Japon "Select for Bell Cube Cheese Lovers"