Lawson "Eat trout Rilakkuma Sakura Rilakkuma"
It's too cute to eat ...!

A set of Japanese sweets with the motif of the popular character "Rilakkuma" and its companion "Kiiroitori", "Eat trout Rilakkuma Sakura Rilakkuma" will be released on March 14th at Lawson (excluding Okinawa) nationwide. The price is 395 yen (tax included).

"Eatable trout" is a series of character Japanese sweets named after "Eatable mascot". The character's characteristics are expressed using the Japanese confectionery "Neri-kiri", which is made from kneaded dough such as bean paste, sugar, and rice cake flour. It is a "new sense of Japanese sweets" that expresses not only the deliciousness but also the beauty of elaborate work and the loveliness of the character.

Eating trout Rilakkuma Sakura Rilakkuma is a set of two Japanese sweets, "Rilakkuma (pudding flavor)" and "Kiiroitori (yuzu flavor)". The theme is cherry blossoms, Rilakkuma poses holding the cherry blossoms in both hands, and Kiiroitori has the cherry blossoms on his head.

Lawson "Eat trout Rilakkuma Sakura Rilakkuma"
Sakura is the theme!