Speaking of Blue Hawaii, "shaved ice".

When I tried to choose Blue Hawaii when I was a kid, my mother got angry at me saying, "It's a color that seems to be bad for my body, so when I make strawberry syrup!" I think there are some people who have the experience.

It was the author when I was little ...

What is Blue Hawaii in the first place?

Originally, it is said to be a cocktail that is said to have been devised in Hawaii. On the shaved ice is a blue syrup that resembles the cocktail. Of course, it doesn't contain alcohol.

Let's take a look at the color of the drink you care about.

I was upset and shaken


Creamy blue that seems to contain lactic acid bacteria

It smells like ramune and cider.

The taste of Blue Hawaii spreads the moment you put it in your mouth, and soon after that you realize that it is a lactic acid bacteria drink.

It seems that you rarely have the opportunity to taste this.

Nissin York goes our way without riding the summer "salt trend"

The price is 105 yen.
Available at convenience stores.

If you like shaved ice, check it out!