Seven new sweets, such as "caricature decorations" for Father's Day, will be on sale at each Chateraise store for a limited period of three days from June 13th to 15th. In addition, "Father's Day original barreled raw wine" that bottling from barrels on the spot will also be on sale (excluding some stores).

You can draw and give a "caricature" of your father!
You can draw and give a "caricature" of your father!

"Father's Day Caricature Decoration", which was released last year and was well received, is a square-shaped decoration cake that you can draw a "Father's Caricature" with a chocolate pen and present it as an original cake.

Mango cream and colorful fruits are placed on a cake made by sandwiching fresh cream and strawberries with a vanilla sponge, and the design is finished in the image of a "Y shirt". The size is 13 x 16 cm and the price is 2,000 yen / unit.

From whole cakes to cut cakes
From whole cakes to cut cakes

Other Father's Day products are as follows.

[Decoration cake] (Size in parentheses)
Favorite Papa Quattro Assorted Decoration (15 cm) 2,500 yen / Father's Day Daikoku Pillar Roll (13 cm in length) 1,500 yen / Father's Day Fruit Tart Decoration (18 cm) 2,800 yen / unit

[Small cake]
Father's Day Shirt Short 500 Yen Father's Day Maron o Daddy 388 Yen Father's Day Double Cheesecake 280 Yen

Father's Day Original barreled raw wine (740ml (25.02us fl oz)) 740 yen (only for the first time, a special bottle fee of 154 yen is required separately)

* All listed prices include tax