Bandai Candy Division "Chiikawa CUCASE
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Chiikawa CUCASE


"Chiikawa CUCASE" will be sold by Bandai Candy Division, scheduled to be released around September. The price is 297 yen per piece (tax included).



From "Chii-Kawa" comes the second release of "CUCASE," a CUBE-shaped CUTE small CASE. This practical item is low-priced, easy to collect, and highly collectible. With a voluminous size of approximately 60mm x 60mm, it can hold small items on hand (outer dimension: H approx. 60mm x W approx. 60mm x D approx. 67mm, inner dimension: H approx. 50mm x W approx. 50mm x D approx. 54mm).

The lineup includes a total of 10 types (10 types + 3 expression changes). The lineup is a total of 10 kinds (10 kinds + 3 different expressions), and may include a Chiikawa, Hachiware, and Rabbit expression change Ver. This is a cute new collection item that can be used individually or stacked together.

Includes 1 accessory case and 1 piece of gum (soda flavor).

1 Chiikawa* with expression change ver.
2 Hachiware* with expression change ver.
3 Rabbit* with expression change ver.
4 Momonga
5 Kurimanju
6 Sheesaa
7 Otter
8 Chiikawa (pajamas)
9 Hachiware (pajamas)
10 Rabbit (pajamas)

(C) nagano / chiikawa committee