Morinaga Milk Industry "MOW Muskmelon

Morinaga Milk Industry's "M

OW Maskmelon" from Morinaga Milk Industry's "MOW" ice cream cup series will be available for a limited time from March 27, 2012 (Monday).

MOW Mask Melon

Melon ice cream has a mild taste, with a sense of juice and the richness of milk. It contains 13% muskmelon juice, which is juicy and aromatic, and is also known as the king of fruits. The mellow aroma of muskmelon fills the mouth.

The balance between muskmelon and milk has been carefully adjusted so that the rich sweetness of the melon does not become overpowering. The melon and milk flavors are combined to maximize the original taste of the ingredients.

Product name: MOW Muskmelon
Category name: Ice milk
Packaging: Paper cup, paper seal lid, paper sleeve
Content: 140ml (4.73us fl oz)
Storage method: Must be frozen (-18℃ or below)
Energy: 210kcal
Main sales outlets: Convenience stores, volume retailers, general retail Stores
Estimated price: 160 yen (excluding tax)
Launch date/region: Monday, March 27, nationwide
JAN code: 4902720 152082


20th anniversary commemorative package

"MOW" was launched in 2003, and this year marks its 20th anniversary. The original concept of the product was "vanilla ice cream with a smooth texture and refreshing aftertaste, just like the soft-serve ice cream you get at a dairy farm. Taking advantage of the strengths of a dairy manufacturer, the product was developed to have a rich yet refreshing taste that one would never get tired of eating.

MOW 20th anniversary package (vanilla, Uji green tea)

The 20th anniversary package includes a message of "Thank you" to express our gratitude for celebrating our 20th anniversary, and the MOW logo is designed to look like a ring with a motif of a milk crown, which is the origin of MOW, and our determination to continue providing delicious ice cream in the future. The MOW logo is designed to look like a ring.