Snow Brand Meg Milk "Snow Brand Hokkaido Butter Pudding
Snow Brand Hokkaido Butter Pudding and Snow Brand Hokkaido Butter

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Brand Hokkaido Butter Pudding Snow Brand Meglik will introduce a new Western-style confectionery, Snow Brand Hokkaido Butter Pudding, which will go on sale at convenience stores nationwide on February 21, 2023, and will be available at other stores from March 7, 2023. Each pudding weighs 85g (3oz) and is priced at 110 yen (excluding tax).

Pudding with the well-known "Snow Brand Hokkaido Butter" flavor

"Snow Brand Hokkaido Butter" is a brand that will soon celebrate its 100th anniversary since it was first produced in 1925 by the Hokkaido Dairy Sales Association, one of the predecessors of Snow Brand Megmilk. It is a longtime seller that has been enjoyed by many people across generations.

This time, a pudding with the flavor of butter was created to enjoy Snow Brand Hokkaido Butter in an unexpected way. According to Snow Brand Megmilk, butter has recently been used in ice cream, confectionery, and drinks, and is said to be a good match for pudding, so the flavor and characteristics of butter were used to give the pudding a depth of flavor and depth of flavor.

The design of the package is easy to see that it is based on the same tone as "Snow Brand Hokkaido Butter". It is suitable for people who like sweets with butter and want to be satisfied with a small amount. It is recommended after meals, when snacking, or when you want something sweet to soothe you. Shelf life is 70 days before opening. Storage requires refrigeration.