"Plenty of delicious smooth pudding" from Megmilk Snow Brand

Megmilk Snow Brand will relaunch "Plenty of delicious smooth pudding" on February 16th. The price is 120 yen (excluding tax). Contents 180g (6.35oz).

In this renewal, we changed the caramel sauce from the conventional plump type to a thick type in response to the voice that "I want to taste more caramel sauce and pudding together". This made it easier for the caramel sauce to seep into the pudding when the spoon reached the caramel sauce at the bottom of the vertical container.

In addition, the entanglement with the pudding has improved, and you can now enjoy the change in the taste of the pudding with caramel sauce. You can enjoy a smooth pudding with plenty of capacity to your heart's content.

"Plenty of delicious smooth pudding" with renewed caramel sauce. How about a snack time?

Product name: Plenty of delicious smooth pudding Contents 180g (6.35oz)
Name Western confectionery Suggested retail price 120 yen Release date February 16 Release area National best-by date (unopened) 18 days Storage method Refrigeration required (10 ° C (50 ° F) or less)