Morinaga Milk Industry "Mount Rainier Cafe Latte Caramel Gift

Morinaga Milk Industry "

Mount Rainier Cafe Latte

Caramel Gift"

Morinaga Milk Industry's "Mount Rainier" will release "Mount Rainier Cafe Latte Caramel Gift" on December 6 (Tuesday). The estimated price is 160 yen (excluding tax).

Mount Rainier Cafe Latte Caramel


A popular classic caramel latte with the flavor of savory burnt butter, this latte has a sweet and rich taste that is sure to soothe and comfort. The latte is made from 100% carefully selected coffee beans by a coffee connoisseur.

The package is designed to resemble a present, with many ribbons scattered around the package to create an exciting design. The design is perfect for Christmas and other gift-giving seasons.

Product name: Mount Rainier Cafe Latte Caramel Gift
Type/name: Dairy drink
Volume: 240ml (8.12us fl oz)
Energy: 143kcal (per bottle)
Packaging: Aseptic cup
Storage method: Must be refrigerated below 10℃
Shelf life: 90 days
Main sales outlets: Convenience stores, mass merchandisers, general Retail stores, vending machines
Estimated price: 160 yen (tax not included)
Launch date/region: Tuesday, December 6, nationwide

Mount Rain

ier Introduced in February 1993, Mount Rainier is a chilled cup coffee that makes it easy to enjoy the taste of espresso and milk. It delivers a moment of refreshment & relaxation and the beginning of a rich and happy time.

The FRUIT LATTE series has been available since March 2022, and the "non-sweet" café latte "Mount Rainier Café Latte Non-Sweet" was added as a standard item in April 2022, making the lineup more selective than ever, depending on your mood and occasion. You can enjoy it as if you were at a café store, according to your taste.