FamilyMart "Danish like a pie fruit"

Danish like pie nuts" jointly developed with Lotte will go on sale at FamilyMart on September 27. In Okinawa, "Danish like pie nuts" with some different specifications will go on sale on October 11.

Danish like pie nuts

Since its birth in 1979, Lotte's "Pie Nuts" has been a long-selling product loved for many years for its well-balanced taste of crunchy pie and chocolate. In April 2021, FamilyMart released "Pie Nut-like Danish," a bread with the image of "pie nuts," which immediately became a hot topic mainly on SNS and was very popular, ranking first in sales of pastries for four consecutive weeks after its release. This time, a renewed version will be released.

The new product has the same shape as the original "pie nuts," a hexagonal Danish pastry filled with smooth chocolate and baked with egg on the surface to create a savory, crispy, and crunchy texture. The product looks, shapes, textures and tastes like "pie nuts". Last year, it was about 17 times heavier than "pie nuts," but this year it has been upgraded to about 20 times heavier. The chocolate content has also been increased, and the Danish texture has been made crispier. The price is 150 yen (tax included).

FamilyMart "Danish like a pie fruit"

For each "Pie Nut" (184 yen including tax) purchased, a free voucher for a "Pie Nut-like Danish" will be printed on the receipt. Receipts will be issued from September 27 to October 3, and vouchers can be used from October 4 to October 10.

Lotte "Pie Nuts".