Suntory "Suntory Craft Aroma (ale type)" Suntory Craft

Suntory has launched the "Suntory Craft" series, a new genre of beverage with a different and distinctive taste. As the first in the series, "Suntory Craft Fragrant Mellow Ale Type" will be available in limited quantities. It will go on sale on October 4. The alcohol content is 5%. The price is open to the public.

Suntory Craft Aromatic Mellow (ale type)

In addition to Cascade hops, which are known for their citrus aroma, some Nelson Sauvignon hops, which produce a luxurious and refreshing aroma reminiscent of white wine, are used in the flavor. In addition, the use of top-fermentation yeast has resulted in a dense, full-bodied aroma and flavor. The package is colored to resemble a copper tumbler and features an illustration of a craftsman with a warm touch.

The "Suntory Craft" series is a new genre of beverage with a distinctive flavor that is different from the usual. The first product in the series, "Suntory Craft Aromatic Mellow [Ale Type]," is now available. Why don't you pick one up when you see it?