Ministop will release a new product, Nomu Halo Pineapple 700ml (23.67us fl oz), inspired by Halo Halo Fruit Ice Ripe Pineapple, as the third product in Cheerio's Mega 700 series of carbonated drinks that recreate the cold sweets "Halo Halo". Priced at 162 yen (tax included). Limited quantity. The release date is July 12.

Nomu Halo Halo Pineapple 700ml (23.67us fl oz)

This is the third in the "Nomu Halo Halo" series. The "Nomu Halo Halo Pineapple 700ml (23.67us fl oz)" is a carbonated beverage inspired by Ministop's popular "Halo Halo Fruit Ice Ripe Pineapple". Fun to look at! Satisfying to drink! Large 700 ml size! Pineapple-flavored carbonated drink with vanilla flavor to recreate the taste of soft-serve ice cream mixed with pineapple.

Fans of "Halo-Halo Fruit Ice Perfectly Ripe Pineapple" should not miss the Ministop "Nomu Halo Pineapple 700ml (23.67us fl oz)". Why not pick one up when you see it?

Prices are shown at the reduced tax rate of 8%, which applies to take-out. The standard tax rate of 10% applies when eating or drinking at the eat-in space.