Bourbon "Golden Peach Ice Cream

Bourbon will release "Golden Peach Ice Cream" on June 27. Made with Nagano golden peach juice, this monaka ice cream is filled with the dense sweetness of the sauce after the cool mouthfeel of the ice cream.

Golden Peach Ice Cream

The golden peach is a peach characterized by its strong sweetness, moderate acidity, and gorgeous aroma. It is grown mainly in Nagano Prefecture and is used as a gift for good luck due to the golden color of its flesh.

Bourbon's "Golden Peach Ice Cream" uses the juice of Nagano golden peaches in the ice cream and the sauce in the center of the ice cream. The ice cream's cool taste is followed by the rich sweetness of the sauce in this monaka ice cream. It was developed to make it easy to enjoy the taste of golden peaches at home.

The packaging is based on yellow and pink tones, which are highly compatible with golden peaches. The design features images of golden peaches, peach blossoms, and the product itself.

The product is 150 ml in volume at an open price. The product will be sold at mass merchandisers, drugstores, retail stores, and kiosks nationwide.