Ice fruit "dark blood orange" etc.

Three products will be released on March 1st, including the first flavor in the history of the "Ice Fruit" brand, "Ice Fruit [Dark Blood Orange]". The estimated price is 140 yen each (excluding tax).

"Ice no Mi" is a long-selling brand that is celebrating its 36th year since its launch in 1986, with the strong taste of the ingredients being supported. Last year (2020), the original taste of the ingredients was further improved by not using artificial sweeteners.

From such "Ice Fruit" brand, the first flavor "Dark Blood Orange" using Italian blood orange juice has appeared in the 36th year since its release. Blood orange is a fruit that is in season in spring and is characterized by its bright red flesh with anthocyanins. You can enjoy the taste of adults with fruity sweetness and refreshing bitterness in the back mouth.

Ice fruit "dark blood orange"
Dark blood orange

In addition, "Dark grapes", which are juicy and rich with 80% fruit juice, and "Dark peaches", which are a blend of golden peach juice and flesh, are also available. All are finished without using artificial sweeteners, and the original strong taste of the material is condensed into each grain.

In addition, the new "Ice Fruit [Adult Milk Chocolat]" will be released on March 22nd. Ice cream that is deeply finished with Hokkaido cream using carefully selected milk chocolate. A product that was released last spring and was well-received as "like raw chocolate that you want to eat." This year, the amount of fresh cream has been further increased, and by polishing the richness, it has evolved into a frozen chocolate that allows you to enjoy the original taste of cacao creamy. One bag contains 28 mg of GABA. The estimated price is 180 yen (excluding tax).

Ice fruit [adult milk chocolate]