From "Twin Cheese Puffs Camembert" by Now on Cheese

Now on Cheese♪", a cheese sweets specialty store, will release a fresh cheese sweet, "Twin Cheese Choux Camembert", exclusively at Ecute Omiya on January 2, 2022. The price is 324 yen per piece (tax included). Available from Sunday to Thursday at 5pm. Limited quantity.

Twin Cheese Choux Camembert

Twin Cheese Puffs Camembert is a twin cheese puff sandwiching two kinds of cheese cream in a cheese cookie puff. The most popular cheese cookie "Gouda & Cheddar" dough is baked together with the puff, and sandwiched with Camembert custard and light cream cheese Chantilly, topped with honey jelly. With two kinds of cheese cream sandwiched in a cheese cookie puff, this sweet is perfect as a souvenir or as a sweet to enjoy at home.

Now on Cheese♪ "Twin Cheese Puffs Camembert" is a limited edition product that would make a great souvenir. If you like cheese flavors, you should check it out!