Ministop "X French Fries 1.5x Sale"

From Ministop, "X French Fries 1.5x Sale" will be held for a limited time. The implementation period is from December 26th to January 10th, 2022. The price is 213 yen (tax included, price as it is).

X French fries 1.5x sale

The "X French Fries", which has been popular since its launch in 2004, is a creamy and slightly sweet fried potato with a crispy texture by cutting the cross section into an X shape. After receiving your order, the final processing will be done in the in-store kitchen, so you can enjoy freshly fried food.

The raw potatoes are made from European agria, mainly Germany, which is rare in Japan. It has a relatively high starch value, is yellowish, and is characterized by its creamy feel when made into french fries. The color when fried is beautiful, and you can feel a slight sweetness when you eat it.

A sale where you can enjoy the popular "X French fries" at a great price. If you are interested, please do so as soon as possible!

* The tax-included price is displayed at the reduced tax rate of 8%, which is applied when taking out. A standard tax rate of 10% will be applied when eating and drinking in the eat-in space.