Acecook "JUNK FULL Rich Cheese Flavored Abura Soba"

Cup noodle "JUNK FULL rich cheese flavored mixed soba" will be released from Acecook. It will be available nationwide from November 8th. The estimated price is 260 yen (excluding tax).

Acecook JUNKFULL Rich cheese flavored mixed soba

Melting cheese is expressed, and a special cheese-flavored sauce "Oi Chi Sauce" has been newly developed and adopted, which is particular about the rich aroma and taste of cheese. It also comes with a "sprinkle with cheese", which is designed so that you can enjoy the rich taste of cheese by entwining it with the noodles along with the slightly sweet sauce based on soy sauce.

Thick round-edged noodles that have both elasticity and smoothness are used, and they are finished with an emphasis on eating quality so that you can feel the presence firmly in your mouth. The hot water rehydration time is 4 minutes. Sauce is a soy sauce base with pork extract, garlic and ginger added. Kayaku is garlic with good flavor, green onions and chili peppers with good color. In addition, the deliciousness of packaged and rich cheese is launched, and the menu name is described in a large and easy-to-understand manner.