Nissin Cisco "Sumikon BIG Frost"

The collaboration package "Sumikko Gurashi" of Nisshin Cisco's corn flakes "Syscorn" series and the popular character "Sumikko Gurashi" will be released. It will be available from October 25th. It has a content of 220g (7.76oz) and is a non-print price.

Sumicone BIG Frost

Three types of packages are available, including the sagging "Shirokuma", the unconfident "Penguins?", The leftover "Tonkatsu", the shy "Cat", and the "Lizards" that hide their true identity. increase. Each character is incorporated into the design to enjoy the cuteness of "Sumikko Gurashi". In addition, it is a convenient "every morning crispy pack" with a handle mark that even children can easily serve.

The contents are the usual "Syscorn BIG Frost". Corn flakes with a crispy, light texture and gentle sweetness, containing vitamin D and oligosaccharides. It has been announced that if you eat 40g (1.41oz) of one serving with 200ml (6.76us fl oz) of milk, you can get half of the calcium and iron required for a day, and more than one-third of the nine vitamins required for a day.

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