"Lightly rolled chocolate almond chocolate" from Lotte

From Lotte's "Almond Chocolate" brand, "Lightly rolled chocolate almond chocolate", which is made by wrapping fragrant almonds in chocolate and enjoying the taste of the material itself, will be released on January 26th. The content is 46g (1.62oz), and the estimated price is around 190 yen (excluding tax). Limited to convenience stores and station shops.

"Lightly rolled chocolate almond chocolate" is made by wrapping fragrant almonds in chocolate, which is more satisfying than unglazed nuts and has a quality that allows you to enjoy the taste of the ingredients themselves more than ordinary almond chocolate.

The package has a zipper that is easy to reseal and is convenient to carry, so you can easily enjoy it anytime, anywhere.

Almond chocolate "lightly rolled chocolate almond chocolate" seems to be convenient when you want to eat a little snack. When you see the package, why not pick it up? Check it out if you like almond chocolate.