Hontaka Sunaya "Valentine's Day Recommended Products"
(* The source of the image is the official website of Hontaka Sunaya)

The "Valentine's Day Recommended Product" gift plan for Hontaka Sunaya (high is a different letter) has been announced on the official website. If you apply from the site, you will win 10 people by lottery. The application period is from January 8th to 21st.

At Hontaka Sunaya, a gift plan for recommended sweets is held once or twice a month. This time, an assortment of "Baton", which is thinly baked and chocolate is hung on the outside of the dough, and "Recorded Cove", which has a crispy and light texture, will be prepared.

Both have two flavors, "strawberry chocolate" and "milk chocolate". The details of the contents are as follows.

・ 2 baton milk chocolates ・ 2 baton strawberry chocolates ・ 1 cold cove milk chocolate ・ 1 cold cobe raspberry chocolate

The package size is 160 x 153 x 30 mm, and the weight is about 120 g.

This set can also be purchased as "Assemblage LA5" from the official online shop. The selling price is 540 yen (tax included, shipping fee not included), and the selling period is from January 11th to February 14th.