Doutor's new work "Milan Sandwich Warm Gratin"

At each Doutor Coffee Shop, the winter-only "Milan Sand Warm Gratin" will be released on November 12th. A hot Milan sandwich that uses the winter taste "crab" and is perfect for this cold season.

Milan Sandwich Warm gratin

Products using the winter taste "crab" are now available in Doutor Coffee's classic food "Milan Sandwich". It is warmed with Camembert cheese on top of crab gratin with penne with rich crab flavor and mellow taste. Topping the crab meat even after warming it so that you can enjoy the taste of the crab. Finally, add red onion and black pepper to accentuate the taste.

A winter-only Milan sandwich that is finished so that you can fully enjoy the taste of winter crab. Be sure to check out the sure combination of crab gratin and camembert.

Product Details
Product name: Milan Sandwich Warmly Gratin Release date: November 12 Food and drink price in the store: 490 yen To go price: 481 yen