Origin "Roast Beef Bowl" for a limited time

"Roast beef bowl" will be on sale at 10 am on August 2nd from "Kitchen Origin" and "Origin Bento", which are specialty stores for bento and prepared foods. For a limited time.

The annual origin roast beef bowl. In 2020, the moist and soft roast beef will be finished in a dish that you can enjoy with a special soy sauce sauce that has the flavor of onion and the depth of balsamic vinegar. Meat single, meat double, meat triple, selectable volume. The lineup is as follows.

・ Roast beef bowl (meat single) Price is 550 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below)
・ Roast beef bowl (meat double) price is 920 yen ・ Roast beef bowl (meat triple) price is 1,290 yen

The origin "roast beef bowl" is perfect when you want to eat meat. For a limited time, if you are interested, please do so as soon as possible.