"Otoro Hormone Yakiniku Don" at the legendary Sutadonya
Otoro Hormone Yakiniku Don

At the bowl chain "Legendary Suta Donburi" and "Specialty Suta Donburi", "Otoro Hormone Yakiniku Don" and "Otoro Hormone Fried Yakiniku Don", which used Osaka's specialty hormones from July 29, Three types of "Otoro Hormone" Ahomori "Yakiniku Don" will be on sale.

"Otoro Hormone Yakiniku Don" is a sweet and fat-rich part of the small intestine that is used for the savory hormone, beef ribs that give you a soft and delicious taste of beef, stamina ingredients such as garlic, onions, and the sweetness of fruits. A savory roasted meat with garlic added to the flavor of the flavored vegetables, and served in a large serving of rice for about 3 bowls, which is full of volume and stamina. The rich and rich taste of grilled meat with the sweetness of the fat of the hormone and the umami of the ribs is perfect for rice.

For those who want more volume, "Sutamina Karaage" is made by immersing the garlic punch in a special sauce that is based on "secret garlic soy sauce sauce" and is combined with ginger and sake. There will also be "Otoro Hormone Fried Chicken Grilled Meat Bowl" with 3 fried chicken and "Otoro Hormone" Ahomori "Yakiniku Don" with about twice as much meat.

The selling price is as follows. All notations include tax.

・ Otoro Hormone Yakiniku Don 880 yen ・ Otoro Hormone Fried Chicken Bowl 1,080 yen ・ Otoro Hormone “Ahomori” Yakiniku Don 1,280 yen

Legendary Suta Donburi "Otoro Hormone Yakiniku Don"

Takeout and delivery services are available for each menu. However, the selling price is different from the in-store use.

The stores that handle it are "Legendary Sutadonya" and "Specialty Sutadon" all over the country. Not applicable are "Diversity Tokyo Plaza Store", "Pasar Hasuda (Up Line) Store", "Nakano Shimbashi Store", "Mi-san's Store", "Dangozaka SA (Down Line) Store", "Shimizu PA Store", and "Ario". "Hashimoto store" "Yumetown Kurume store". In addition, "Otoro Hormone Fried Chicken Grilled Meat Bowl" is not sold at "Okachimachi Store". The sales start date is different at "Omiya East Exit Store".